Dog-Friendly Parks and Trails in Park City

Park City is known for its dog-friendliness, so much so, that Park City has a law allowing properly behaved pouches into stores that do not serve food and alcohol (unless they are a service animal). No matter where you look, walk, or hike, you are sure to see an array of dogs, many locals owning two or more of our best friends.

Similarly, Park City has created several parks that locals, and their fur-babies, can run, make new canine friends and play with their favorite dog toy. You can find a map of local off-leash areas on the web. Here are a few of our Park City dog-friendly trails and parks around town.

Quinn's Junction Dog Park is located next to Park City Hospital just a few minutes from downtown Park City. With a sizeable fenced-in location and trails nearby, this is a win-win for the owner who wants to jog with their dog and then take Fido over to meet some furry friends.

Round Valley has a designated off-leash area for dogs of all sizes. Run, explore, and play among the mountaintop with your furry friends. Make sure to keep a leash with you, however, as there are also mountain bikes in the area. 

Run-a-Muck is the most popular dog park and trail in the junction area of Park City. Owned and maintained by Basin Recreation, this area has several acres for your furry friend to run, play tag with other dogs and sniff a myriad of smells, there's a reason why this park is always filled with cars, people and dogs! There are two winding trails through this beautiful dog-friendly park that will make the experience for the humans almost as fun as for the dogs.

Amidst the 17+ acres of Willow Creek Park is Willow Creek Dog Park, which is a fun and safe area for Fido to run about. Also owned and maintained by Basin Recreation, this park also has the added benefit of pool time with a pond that is used as part of the dog park in the summer months. 

There's lots of fun to be had, however; remember the rules of an off-leash area:

  • Dogs must be leashed at trailheads and in parking lots
  • Bring doggie poop bags to pick up your dog's mess and keep the environment clean
  • Make sure that you and your dog yield to other trail users

Girl On A Hike is an outdoor enthusiast, along with her dog, Charlie. She offers a list of off-leash, dog-friendly waterfall hikes and a dog hiking checklist for the dos and don'ts of hiking with your dog. Her newest blog gives a detailed run-through of a new local dog park, The Woods Trail, located off I-80 in Kimball Junction.

Remembering and respecting off-leash dog rules makes a pleasant experience for all who share the trail! Your dog, other people, and our environment will be grateful for your cooperation while having summer fun with your pet.