Fun Activities Unique to Park City

Park City is known for our fantastic powder skiing, incredible snowboarding parks, and, more recently, our extraordinary mountain biking opportunities. However, there are several activities that you'll want to share on your social media platform and are as unique to Park City as our colorful history!


Park City Museum

Speaking of history, take a stroll inside Park City Museum where you'll find details of our small mountain town. From its beginning as a mining town to almost complete devastation from a fire at the turn of the last century, and the origins of the ski industry, you'll be fascinated by every history-filled corner. Learn how miners used horses deep in the mine shafts and how many names and owners our famous Egyptian Theatre has had.


Glass Blowing at Red Flower Studios

Red Flowers Studios is the only glass-blowing studio in Park City. Walk-in and smell the furnace scorching, molding, and melting glass into beautiful artistic shapes. Take a class or have a private lesson from the master glassblower. When you're finished, carefully wrap your unique work of art for an exquisite souvenir to bring home after your visit.


Mine and Wine Tour

Leave it to Park City to combine a local favorite with history in this one-of-a-kind historical tour! Start by dawning your hard hat, flashlight, and themed costume to learn about, and walkthrough, the same mines which past workers toiled in 70 hours a week. Discover the Ontario Mine, Miner's Hospital, Silver King Consolidated HQ, and the Red Light District. While walking along the tour, enjoy a glass of vintage sparkling wine that Kirsten Fox - headmistress and executive sommelier - chooses for each location.


Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take to the air on your own hot air balloon adventure with one of Park City's hot air balloon outfitters Skywalker Balloon Company or Bigfoot Balloons. Begin your experience at sunrise. Grab a ride year-round, with summertime having the most enjoyable weather for a ride. Trips last about an hour, and each hot air balloon can take four to twelve passengers, depending on the size of the basket. Request a two-person ride for an unforgettable romantic event. Your experienced pilot will be with you and in control of the aircraft the entire time and can take photos to capture your magical moment. Find out more at Visit Park City.


Park City SUP Festival

SUP has become a popular water sport, and although landlocked, Park City has found a way to bring SUP to our mountain town! The Park City SUP Festival is provided by our local paddleboard group by the same name. Each June, contestants, and spectators gather for the largest SUP competition in Utah. Besides cheering on your favorite paddleboard pro, you can also find instructors and advice on what paddleboard is right for you.


Historic Home Tour

A historic town cannot go without having its history preserved in the homes of the city limits. Our mountain town really shines and shows off these spectacular homes in the Historic Home Tour. The local Park City Museum hosts this event each June and showcases Park City's most beautiful and attractive historic homes. This is a special event, make sure to get tickets ahead of time to secure your place in history.


Savor the Summit

Ever been to a mile-long dinner party? Get ready for the culinary event of your life when you take a seat at this annual foodie festival. Over two dozen restaurants participate in the two-mile-long chain of dinner tables to make up the "Grande Table." The Grande Table is set up on Main Street and features dishes and cuisines from many ethnicities, including fusion dishes. Park City's distinguished restaurants will serve more than 2,500 dinner guests al fresco as the sun sets behind Park City's Wasatch Mountains. Main Street will light up with colorful wines, and brim with delicious smells when multi-course meals make their way to the tables with perfectly paired wines.


Navajo Rug Show

Deer Valley hosts the annual Navajo Rug Show to support our local Utah indigenous artists. Expert artist rug weavers travel from southern Utah to Park City once a year to display their native art for sellers to purchase. This annual rug show is the only event in the world supporting traditional Navajo Elders. Every November, Adopt-A-Native-Elder comes to Deer Valley Resort for five-days featuring more than 600 unique weavings, incredible pieces of native jewelry, and the fantastic culture of the Navajo people.

Every year, 100% of all sales go directly to the artists, who set the prices for their artwork and crafts. They then take the proceeds home to support themselves and their families throughout the challenging winter months. 


Park City Wine Festival

The Park City Wine Festival gives Parkites yet another reason to celebrate our love for wine! An over 21 event, Park City Wine Festival offers a variety of experiences on the mountain, in restaurants, classrooms, and around town. Find out details about the wine process, hear from wine experts, and try a new blend at a wine tasting. From the casual wine drinker to the wine connoisseur, there is a workshop and wine tasting for everyone at the Park City Wine Festival.